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The Board Chairman of our company gives his heartfelt gratitude.

President and C.E.O. Haya Niimi

In all countries, regions, and industrial fields of the world, problems such as rising populations, urbanization, and bad weather have made preservation of water resources a serious concern. Demand and supply cost for water differ greatly in relation to specific environmental regulations, and even the ownership and operation of facilities is becoming more variable.

To support these strong yet varied demands, one effect is that the amount of seawater desalinated has risen to above 1,000,000 tons per day. (The water supply capacity of Tokyo as a whole is 4,000,000 tons per day. Recycled water from sewage and industrial drainage has become an important resource, with much technology developed around it. Among this, energy conservation through water processing engineering can be considered a common concern among all countries and segments.

Presently, many government organizations and consortiums of private industries have entered overseas water industries, and are participating in large-scale projects. Numerous brands and equipment manufacturers are also making individual progress. At large-scale exhibition events such as SIWW, AQUATECH, AMSTERDAM, POLLUTEC, IFAT ENTSORGA, and WEFTEC, thousands of introductions to equipment can be observed.

Having refined a wide range of technology and knowledge of equipment, in order to devote itself to the expansion and stabilization of EPC contractors and O&M businesses, Niimi is aspiring to even greater heights as a water processing equipment package vender. From our main office in Tokyo, we have expanded to locations in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, and are planning the opening of an Asian business office in Singapore.

It is my sincere wish that you will allow Niimi to become one of your partners in business development.

President and C.E.O.
President and C.E.O. Haya Niimi

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