With the goal of using imported tools for business, Eiichi Niimi developed a unique polishing technique, and targeting the gas companies of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe, he began performing repairs from his location in Nagoya Higashi ward, Chikusacho exit, calling his business “Niimi Granging Factory”
Niimi Factory Co., Ltd. is founded, with Toshihide Niimi becoming company president.
The company makes its goal the sales and repair of tools for plumbing facilities.
The company gets a foothold by making its main business model the sales of plumbing equipment and pumps, moving to a newly built main office in Chikusa ward, Honencho, District 3, Block 2.
It makes its basic focus to become a trading company specialized in equipment for city gas industries and water and sewer development.
Placing a focus on using human sewage processing to preserve the environment surrounding Tokyo, the company establishes its Environmental Engineering Sales Division.
Marking the 50th anniversary of founding, the company changes its name to NIIMI Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Sales Office is formed with the main purpose of operating the Environmental Sales Division (currently the Environmental Division).
A showroom is built next to the company building.
Functions for consumers are added.
Osaka Sales Office, Environmental Engineering Sales Division is established, setting the goal of nationwide expansion.
In order to account for aging in society, the age of retirement is raised from 55 to 60.
Stopped integrated processing, forming a LAN. This marks the first year of information processing as a trading company.
A special team is formed to promote development of sewage facilities in the community sewage industry.
The annual salary system is shifted to recognize ability, motivation, and results.
To support the shift to polyethylene gas pipes, the City Gas Team is formed in the Equipment Engineering Sales Division.
Secondary LAN is formed for internet support.
Trading information database is further developed.
The installation of groupware, Office2000, Outlook2000, Fax, and Windows98 improves functionality.
Formation of an intranet, an information system making use of the internet
Kyushu Sales Office is established with the purpose of operating the Environmental Division (currently the Environmental Engineering Sales Division).
The company’s Distribution Branch and Information Branch are established.
The Tokyo Sales Office is moved to the Munekazu Building, establishing the Tokyo Headquarters as the Business Development Headquarters (main location is in Aichi prefecture).
The International Division is established at the Tokyo Headquarters, with the goal of aggressively pursuing foreign growth.
Following the policy of making the most effective use of company resources, “Doing Better with Less,” TV conference systems are installed in all locations.
The former Environmental Engineering Sales Division is renamed the Water Infrastructure Support Division.
The former Equipment Engineering Sales Division is renamed the Gas Infrastructure Support Division.
Major renovations are carried out on the Tokyo Headquarters, with the goal of forming an in-house hub as a top-priority center of operations.
The New Venture Department is founded in the Tokyo Headquarters, establishing a unified support system for water purification, drainage, incineration, and energy.
The product display room at the Tokyo Headquarters is expanded, and the staff and client product training environment is completed.
The company’s website is redesigned to better suit the industry’s needs, and the company refines itself into a specialized trading company so as to gain recognition from its business partners.

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