Internship interview : Yunho Kim

Internship interview : Yunho Kim

Yunho Kim

  • Yunho Kim
  • Nationality : South Korea
  • University : Chonnam National University

Mr. Kim came to Japan to participate in the long-term internship program held in conjunction with Nagasaki University’s education program on water environmental technology held between universities in Japan, China, and Korea.

1.How did you feel before beginning our international internship program?

Not having any career experience, before beginning the internship I was concerned as to whether I really would be able to work in a Japanese company. Since I lack work experience, and private-sector companies have the image of emphasizing results, I didn’t have much confidence at first.

2.Did you find anything about your work difficult during the internship?

I was very nervous about taking calls from customers and suppliers. I had difficulty just communicating with my Japanese friends on the phone, so making business calls was quite a challenge. I was worried I might leave a bad impression on business partners. Of course, I took several calls each day in the course of my work, but because I was so nervous, I couldn’t seem to do it as well as my coworkers.

3.Was there something about the work that left an impression on you?

When I visited one of our clients together with Mr. Kai, a salesman, his humility in communication with the client impressed me as being very professional. His adaptability as a salesman and flexibility in discussion were something that I respected. Even continuing my research, I’d to be a “researcher with business sense,” retaining that business mindset so that I can make meaningful contributions to society.

4.Was there anything important you learned about work as a result of the internship?

When I received training in the showroom of one of Niimi’s suppliers, the Tacmina Corporation, being able to see all the inner workings of a pump was very educational. I had been to factories in the past, but how the sum of that “detailed job ability” comes together to support the stable operation of water purification and sewage treatmentg plants was something that surprised me. The devoted effort of each person to complete their own detailed work comes together for the overall prosperity of the company, and that was a fresh perspective for me.

5.Can you tell us about any strong memories you have from the experience?

The company atmosphere was very active, which let me feel the energy of a private-sector business. The teamwork there was also very positive, and I feel that helped me to blend in quickly. The company was always abuzz with communication, and the work was lively from start to finish, making internship in a private-sector business a very exciting experience for me.

6.What message do you have for those who participate in the internship in the future?

If you’re selected for an internship, you should practice professional business etiquette and business language as much as possible. With that foundation, you should be able to quickly accustom yourself to the work and duties of the host company, and experience a lot of in-depth work during the span of one month. I hope that future participants can learn from the areas in which I faced difficulties interning in the first round, so that they can arrive fully prepared to start the internship.

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