Internship Interview : Hisei Liu

Internship Interview : Hisei Liu

Hisei Liu

  • Hisei Liu
  • Nationality : China
  • University : Shandong University

Mr. Liu came to Japan to participate in the long-term internship program held in conjunction with Nagasaki University’s education program on water environmental technology held between universities in Japan, China, and Korea.

1.How did you feel before beginning our international internship program?

Since I hadn’t had any work experience at a company, I was very nervous before beginning the internship. I was also concerned about my Japanese language ability, but there were no drawbacks to the program, so I decided to absorb all I could and give it my best effort.

2.Did you find anything about your work difficult during the internship?

Working at a specialized trading company of water treatment equipment, there were a great deal of technical details, and being unable to understand them right away made taking calls very difficult. Not having the general knowledge gained from experience was a problem with those details, so I was sorry that I couldn’t adapt more smoothly.

3.Was there something about the work that left an impression on you?

Seeing how smoothly Mr. Kai, a salesman, communicated with others made me very much want to work towards that. Being flexible and adaptable in communication with others is important not just in sales, but in any kind of work, and I want to make sure I don’t forget that impression after I return to the university.

4.Was there anything important you learned about work as a result of the internship?

When I spoke to the president of the company on the first day of the internship, he told me about how he felt strongly thankful to all those who had helped him during his study abroad, and that he hopes to use his company to give something back in return. I also placed a great importance on giving something back to Niimi, the company that I have to thank for this opportunity, and put that effort into my work each day. In the past, I didn’t always have that sense of “giving something back,” but performing my work every day with that in my mind boosted my motivation. When I begin my own work in the future, I definitely want to put that into practice.

5.Can you tell us about any strong memories you have from the experience?

All of my coworkers were very friendly, and I was happy to be able to experience work in an environment where communication was so enjoyable. My concerns about the work disappeared as soon as I started, so I’ve been very thankful for the chance.

Also, I enjoyed so much delicious food thanks to my coworkers and managers taking me out to lunch and dinner. I took on the challenges of the job with a full stomach, and that power helped me get through some of the difficult aspects of the work. (Laughter)

The two women working as assistants at the same workstation as me really did everything possible to help me when I didn’t understand something, so I was grateful for that. I hope to repay the favor someday.

6.What message do you have for those who participate in the internship in the future?

For foreigners, it’s very important to start with a firm grasp of the Japanese language.

I’d also say that dealing with something outside your normal realm of knowledge, even a little specialization in water environment or water processing can be helpful, so it’s a good chance to broaden your perspectives. If instead of just ignoring things outside your field, you obtain a little bit of knowledge, it can also contribute to and diversify your work in your own field. In that sense, I think that interning in a private-sector business where practice is valued can be very beneficial. You should give it a strong effort.

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