Sales Division

Sales Division

Executive Officer / General Manager of Sales Division Isamu Sasai
Executive Officer / General Manager of Sales Division
Mitsunari Morimoto

Executive Officer / General Manager of Sales Division Takashi Yamagiwa
Executive Officer / General Manager of Sales Division
Takashi Yamagiwa

I would like to express my utmost gratitude for your support. Guided by the great amount of feedback we have received from our customers, in April, 2012 we celebrated the 51st anniversary of our company’s founding in 1962. We have used the equipment of manufacturers in water processing and the environment, as well as in gas and sewer infrastructure, in order to provide equipment packages that suit the needs of our customers. We have strived to meet the needs of the era, and actively anticipate the era to come, giving our fundamental support to the industry as a small-to-midsize business.

In the future, a lack of water, electricity, and energy both in Japan and abroad are anticipated, along with advancement in the development of new technology such as high-level water processing, new energy, energy conservation, smart grids, and CO² reduction. By forming a supply network of high-quality equipment from both Japan and overseas, as well as using the knowledge developed through long experience as a specialized trading company and the global market atmosphere we have steadily refined over recent years to discover products rich with originality, we will continue to provide an even wider variety of proposals to the industry. Although our company is a business still in the process of growth, we wish to lead the head business office so we may gain support both in Japan and overseas.


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