Creation of high-performance corporate culture
The reality of high-performance corporate culture

Five strategies for growth

high sensitivity
Business knowledge
full of skill and care

Supporting the purchase and supply departments of our clients, we provide information on a wide variety of manufacturers and equipment to our clients.

With business locations based in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, and Kyushu, we work as part of our clients’ purchase and supply departments, as well as our suppliers’ business departments, to support the market and industry. With our motto of “Speed, accuracy, and courtesy,” we provide support through gathering of product information, creation of estimates, document arrangements, and distribution management. We also eagerly accept “consultations on anything about products” from our clients, or “consultations on anything about the retail market” from our suppliers.

Security & safety
Honest business

50 years has passed since the founding of our company in 1962, and we continue to experience steady financial performance every period, contributing to industry, society, and employment.
We maintain the policy of making information open to our clients, promising that they can feel secure in our business. We are always open to casual consultations.

IT equipment
Pursuit of

We can immediately show the proposals for estimates and blueprints we have submitted in the course of over 10 years. From 2009, we have implemented cloud systems and a company IT contact network, so that swift support from our business unit is possible even when they are on location.

Group power
A business structure
with unity

Beginning by reinforcing the principle of “report, contact, and consult” within our company, we have served our clients with unified support based on the communication ability refined within our company. With a flexible structure making it easy to form project teams, we support the industry as a vendor functioning with unity. Furthermore, in addition to this OJT, we put effort into training new and mid-level staff members, cooperating with chambers of commerce and economic organizations to form an extensive training system.

atmosphere of
The basis of
individual strength

Our business units and marketing assistants in all jobs and positions challenge themselves with advanced work.
Setting our annual wage based on ability, initiative, and enthusiasm, our system recognizes the long-term effort of our staff. Staff members who have shown ability, initiative, enthusiasm, and results are sent on business trips both in Japan and abroad, and frequently dispatched to outside training sessions, with the goal of training them so that they can contribute to society and the industry.

Policy as a cooperative procurement business

As one “branch” of the procurement, materials, and purchasing in or clients’ projects, we recognize the importance of using outsourcing, and have used it to accomplish the advanced duties necessary in the industry.

We willingly incorporate the newest circumstances and theories into our clients’ procurement, materials, and purchasing, making every effort to refine areas of our business that require further development. We promise to carry out the research necessary to develop a business that contributes strongly to society.

The founder of our company, Toshihide Niimi, often said the following words: “Our experience in contributing to our clients is everything to our company. However, experience does not shine without intelligence, and self-enlightenment will be required of our young company, regardless of the era.” These words have been passed down through our company up to the present.

The following publications have been recently purchased by our company for the above-stated purpose, and are being used as educational materials.
We earnestly aspire to move ahead as a specialized trading company that serves the needs of our clients’ markets.
As a company, all of us openly welcome any advice or guidance you may have for us.

* These publications are not sold by our company. They are listed here for reference.

  • 強い調達 アクセンチュア調達戦略グループ[著]
  • 製造業の現場バイヤーが教える 調達力・購買力の基礎を身につける本 坂口 孝則[著]
  • 問題解決に役立つ 図解でわかる会社の教科書 購買管理 齊藤 昭彦[著]
  • 購買・調達の実際 上原 修[著]
  • グローバル戦略調達経営 現役の欧米ビジネススクール購買学部教授に学ぶ 上原 修[著]
  • 最適解を導く 調達戦略フレームワーク 村上 三平[著]
  • 大震災のとき 企業の調達・購買部門はこう動いた これからのほんとうのリスクヘッジ 購買ネットワーク会[著]
  • 調達・購買 戦略決定入門坂口 孝則[著]
  • 製造業の現場バイヤーが教える だったら、世界一の購買部をつくってみろ!坂口 孝則[著]
  • 購買担当者の実務 コストダウンのための購買業務マニュアル 野本 満雄[著]
  • 調達担当者ハンドブック 新任担当者から部課長まで 神谷 幹雄[著]
  • すぐに役立つ海外調達の方法と解説 腰越 功[著]
  • 大幅コストダウンを実現する国際資材調達の実務 須加 基嗣[著]
  • 調達デザインによる最適購買モデル 藤本 忠司[著]
  • 結局どうすりゃ、コストは下がるんですか 値上げ時代に打ち勝つ(6+1)人のコスト削減原論 坂口 孝則[編著]
  • 知りたいことがすぐわかる! 仕入れの基本が面白いほどわかる本 坂口 孝則[著]
  • 最強のコスト削減 いかなる経営環境でも利益を創出する経営体質への変革 栗谷 仁[著]
  • 調達革新 直接材の購買コストをドラスティックに下げる法 野間 彰[著]
  • アウトソーシングの正しい導入マニュアル 石川 和幸[著]
  • 戦略的BPO活用入門 ダグラス・ブラウン[著]

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