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NIIMI Co.,Ltd. President and C.E.O. Haya Niimi

Niimi offers the best water treatment equipment in the world based on the expertise gained in resolving water issues in Japan.

Japan experienced a variety of different water issues due to rapidly increasing demand from high economic growth, water pollution, and water shortages caused by reduces rainfall.

Niimi Corporation, founded in 1927 with current operations started in1962, contributed to the realization of a safe, clean water environment through the supply of water treatment equipment base on expertise in a sustainable environment and extensive experience in providing the service.

Today, countries worldwide face the same issues of an increasing demand for water, pollution, and a reduction in the available water resources caused by global warming-the same issues Japan had experienced.

Niimi Corporation, as a pioneer in water and environmental issues, will expediently offer the best water treatment equipment to customer for their respective projects to realize a safe, sustainable supply of water.

Niimi will continue its contribution to the world, to society, an to all customers through effective, efficient water treatment and the provision of value that exceeds customer expectations.

President and C.E.O.
NIIMI Co.,Ltd. President and C.E.O. Haya Niimi

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