Voice of a Leading Specialist

Voice of a Leading Specialist

Water processing equipment specialty trading company Niimi

Global Water Japan representative Mr. Kazunari Yoshimura
Global Water Japan representative
Mr. Kazunari Yoshimura


I am Global Water Japan representative Kazunari Yoshimura. Every day I provide water-related information through media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and newsletters, but today I am reporting on the business website Niimi.

When we first came into contact with Niimi, it was early autumn of 2009. After being introduced by a major factory manufacturer with which I have strong ties, Niimi became “water associates” with us. With their rising presence and young and talented staff, Niimi brought great results to discussions on water. With their principle that “people are the greatest resource,” Niimi is a company that truly cares about water.

Niimi specializes in jobs involving decision-making.

  • “We need a certain kind of water processing equipment, but we’d like Niimi to locate it for us.”
  • “We’d like Niimi to come up with a plan from product selection to delivery, within the constraints of our budget and schedule.”
  • “This is the flow chart, but we’d like Niimi to integrate the project-related product line.”
  • “We’d like for Niimi to oversee the complex details such distribution of prepared items and management of documents.”
  • “We would like Niimi to recommend a range of water processing products that would benefit our factory on the long-term.”
  • “We want Niimi to select a water processing system that makes strong contributions to society and the environment.”
  • “We need high-quality equipment A.S.A.P.”

In other words, Niimi is a company that emphasizes delivering client satisfaction.

Niimi’s background …
Niimi has accumulated experience and knowledge in their history of 50 years as a water processing unit package vendor. With their mastery of the concept of client business and project workflow, they can be said to have developed customer support that is both systematic and flexible.

My analysis of water-related industries indicates that new business models will progress with unprecedented speed. Being that they are a company strongly focused on evolving along with their clients, Niimi inspires anticipation towards their future efforts.

In this period of major change in water-related industries, I have great hopes for what, with the knowledge developed since their establishment in 1962, water industry specialist Niimi has to offer.

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Global Water Japan representative Kazunari Yoshimura

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