For water infrastructure

For water infrastructure

Recycling of water resources realized by supplying the best water treatment facility.

As a leading trading company in water treatment equipment, Niimi supports all typs of water treatment facilities from industrial water treatment plants to sewage and industrial wastewater facilities. We also offer an effective combined system of conventional technologies that makes use of the natural environment and high tech, which is the latest artificial water treatment.

Niimi expediently procures high value added equipment that meets market needs and supports effective engineering by reducing the customer’s project workload.

Rainfall,Evaporation,Water purification plant,Agricultural water,Fish farming water,Ground water,Household,Building complex,Recycling facility,waste disposal facility,On-site treatment,Sewage treatment plant,Manufacturing plant,Water recycling,Seawater desalination plant

Niimi responds to diverse customer needs with an extensive product lineup.

Water treatment equipment Product lineup:Water pretreatment/Pumping equipment/Blower equipment/Disinfection equipment/Sludge dehydration/thickening equipment/Chemical dosing equipment/Deodorizing equipment/Instrumentation system/Control systems/Conveying equipment/Valves/Membrane equipment
Business flow:Advanced consulting/Analysis of conditions/environment/Expedient and precise procurement/Careful support


Niimi reduces the project workload substantially as an expert in water treatment equipment.

The advantage offered by Niimi is integrated services covering services covering selection, supply, maintenance, and management of the equipment and materials based on comprehensive knowledge of water treatment. The customer’s workload in procurement and management of equipment in procurement and management of equipment in constructing water treatment plants can be reduced by approximately 30%when all activities are provided by Niimi compared with conventional methods.

Benefits 01


Niimi can act as a single supplier of highly function products in small quantities and diversified line.

Potable water/clean water/indusrial water/Industrial wastewater/Water treatment/Seawater desalination/Sewage/human waste

Niimi offers a full line of products that meet any need based on business partnerships with more than 300 manufacturers and suppliers.
We choose the most appropriate products to satisfy customer needs.

Benefits 02


Niimi Provides professional service expertise accumulated from more than 50years of operation in various projects.


Niimi’s role is not simply a simply a supplier of equipment. Niimi is capable of providing integrated services based on the knowledge of products and services, an understanding of market trends and the regulatory framework, which is highly valued by customers.

Benefits 03


Niimi offers an expedient, assured supply of highly cost-effective products.


Our motto is an expedient, accurate, and considerate supply of information and proposals, with full logistical support. We are committed to supplying cost-effective equipments, and we constantly monitor the progress in technological innovation.

Benefits 04


Niimi offers environmentally-friendly products that meet customer needs for each geographical area.

The best solution,Cannot find products suitable to regional peculiarities./Do not have sufficient knowledge about the latest product trend./Cannot provide adequate support because there are too many products.

Niimi enhances the standard of living in areas that are sustainable for extended periods of time through precise investigations and analyses of water demand and the different issues of urban areas, coastal areas, and rural areas by offering the most appropriate products for the environment.

Benefits 05


Niimi offers careful, in-depth aftermarket services through consistent date management for more than 10years after delivery.

Quotations/Procurent/history/Drawings/Proposals/Datebase/Data retained for 10years/Provision of in-depth background information/Crisis management and measure for hazards

Quotations and drawings provided to the customer are retained for more than 10years under strict security control, which are immediately available upon request.
After delivery, we offer useful support to the customer on maintenance of the facility by frequent visits.

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