Facility/equipment in use
Niimi product package, equipment details
Ibaraki Water treatment facility, maintenance business
7 non-submersible pumps, 12 mechanical aeration mixing units, 4 ventillation units
Kyoto Water treatment facility, maintenance business
14 sludge pumps, 1 non-submersible pump, 12 mechanical aeration mixing units
Nagasaki Resource recycling center renovation
1 residue screen, 1 residue drainage unit
Yamagata Water treatment equipment
One ∅100, ∅150 blower (with silencing cover), 7 submerged pumps, 5 sludge pumps, 2 auto-strainers, 1 defoaming nozzle
Nagano Pump equipment
10 mechanical aeration mixing units, 6 submerged pumps
Mie Water transport plant machine equipment
7 ∅250 submerged turbine pumps, 1 4.0m³ chemical storage tank, 2 compressors, one ∅250 electromagnetic flow meter
Okayama Reaction treatment equipment
1 contact material(137m³)
Kyoto Main pump equipment
2 gates, 1electric outer-screw sluice valve, 1 electric butterfly valve, 1 electric butterfly valve, 1 closure check valve, 2 submerged pumps
Ehime Deodorization equipment
One 140m³/min activated carbon adsorption tower, one 140m³/min deodorization fan, 1 mist separator
Miyagi Pump site (disaster recovery)
One ∅250 submerged pump
Hiroshima Sand basin equipment
1 jet pump grit lifter, 1pressure water grit collector
Mie Semiconductor factor ventillation equipment
Two 37kw turbo blowers, three 112kw turbo blowers
Chiba Sand basin equipment
1 grit pump, 1 residue drainage unit, 1submerged mixing device, one 37kw makeshift submerged pump, one 2.8ton ceiling crane
Tochigi Sludge treatment equipment
1 sludge pump, one 35kg DS/hr drainage unit, 1 axial pump with feeder
Tochigi Water treatment equipment
1 chemical tank, 1 chemical dosing pump, 1 sterilization unit, 1water supply unit
Saitama Sludge recycling center machine equipment
1 drum screen, 1 screw press, 1 cleaning unit, 3 ventilators and submerged pumps, one 4.0m³ tank, one 6.0m³ tank.
Akita Pump station machine equipment
1 residue drainage unit, 1 water supply unit, 1 oxygen evolution unit
Iwate Drainage treatment machine equipment
1 infrared irradiation unit (open channel, 300m³ per day)
Yamagata Drainage treatment machine equipment
Ventilator, submerged mixing machine, submerged pump, screen, deodorization unit, non-submersible pump
Saga Pump station machine equipment
Ventilator, submerged pump, valve, deodorization fan
Kyoto Waste disposal plant drainage treatment equipment
submerged mixer, submerged pump, screen
Akita Pump station machine equipment
∅500 submerged pump, automatic dust collector
Tokyo Phamaceutical industrial waste treatment equipment
Four 4.0m³ tanks, 1 submerged mixer, one 10m³/min gas scrubber, 13 electric valves, manual valve measurement unit, other
Kanagawa Drainage equipment generator
95 KVA emergency generator unit
Kagoshima Chemical dosing equipment
Special PE tank (one each of 3、6、10、20m³)
Kyoto Active charcoal contact pool equipment
Two 1.5kw and 8 5.0kw water mixers
Ishikawa Pump station machine equipment
Screen, non-submersible pump, axial pump, electrical and manual-drawn valve, chemical dosing pump
Aichi Pump station machine equipment
non-submersible pump, deodorization unit, suspension unit, gate, discharge valve
Kagoshima Food factory drainage treatment equipment
Ventilator, submerged pump, screen, drainage unit, automatic dissolving unit, PE tank, float switch
Shimane Sludge equipment
4 cake carrier machines
Mie Metal factory boiler equipment
Low-pressure water boiler, transmission steam boiler
Kanagawa OD Reaction equipment
Inflow/outflow separation dam, 2 primary sediment gates, ∅150 wind conditioning valve, ∅200 electrical central construction valve
Hyogo Sand basin equipment
Two 3000×3000 electric gates
Saga Food factory drainage treatment equipment
Ventilator, screen, submerged pump, chemical dosing pump, tank, deodorization unit, instrumentation device.
Tokyo Filtration equipment
∅250 ventilator, soundproof box, ∅300 valve
Osaka Main pump equipment
∅1650 double-floor discharge valve
Shiga Oxidizing/nitrifying equipment
Contact material(41m³)
Hokkaido Sand basin equipment
Spiral separation grit washer
Tokyo Pipe internal equipment
1 screen unit, 7 ventilators, 11 submerged pumps, 5 chemical dosing pumps/tanks, 30kg-DS/hr sludge drainage machines, automatic dissolving unit, diffusion unit, instrumentation device
Chiba Drainage treatment machine equipment
1 screen unit, 9 ventilators, 3 submerged mixers, 20 submerged pumps, 2 non-submersible pumps, 2 suspension units
Kanagawa Drainage treatment machine equipment
9 submerged pumps, 1 engine pump, 1 submerged mixer, 1 supernatant water drainage unit, 5 electric valves, 6 ventilators, 1 chemical dosing pump, 1 sludge tank, 1 automatic dissolving unit, 1 axial pump with feeder, 1 sludge tank mixer, 1 screen unit, 1 bioreactor, 1 tin welding unit
Akita Reaction equipment
2 aeration mixers
Chiba Sludge recycling center equipment rennovation
6 blowers, 1 vacuum pump, 9 non-submersible pumps, 17 axial pumps, 4 mixers
Mie Oil plant drainage treatment equipment
16 chemical dosing pumps, one 4.0m³ tank
Gunma Sludge drainage equipment
One ∅250 axial pump with feeder, one ∅125 sludge feed pump, one ∅50 chemical feed pump
Gunma Sludge condensation equipment
One 2.8kw submerged mixer, 1 automatic dissolving unit, one 1.0ton suspension unit
Akita Vacuum station
Five ∅400 vacuum pumps
Wakayama Filtration facility
Four ∅150 submerged turbine pumps, two ∅200 submerged turbine pumps
Aichi Water purification plant
One ∅150 sludge pump, one 35m³/min activated carbon adsorption tower, 3 automatic/manual gates
Gifu sand basin equipment
Grit separation unit, movable dam, automatic dust remover, residue drainage unit, non-submersible pump, submerged-pump, well pump, PE tank, autostrainer, chemical dosing pump
Wakayama Filtration facility
1 moveable bed filtration unit (processes a maximum of 7、000m³ per day)

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